Lamps series “Stresemann”

Dress codes were strict in the 1920s, which is why Foreign Minister Stresemann had to change his clothes every time he left his office to attend a public function. To make things easier for himself, he sought out a universal type of suit trousers which would be appropriate for all occasions, including formal events. Their striking vertical stripes ensured an elegant appearance. The same idea inspired our lamps series named after the great statesman. Functional lamps full of character that look elegant anywhere! As chance would have it, our project on Berlin’s Stresemannstrasse provided the first opportunity to install the series.

Two essential features distinguish good lamps: They are aesthetic objects in their own right, characterized by handsome proportions, careful manufacturing, and fine materials. And not only do they illuminate the space in which they are installed, they turn illumination into a work of art.

Our lamps are produced in Bohemia in the Czech Republic, a region with a long tradition of crystal chandelier and glassware manufacturing. Since our lamps are handmade, it is possible to customize their size and surfaces, which are available in polished brass, nickel, or chrome.

The lamps’ brass bodies reflect a mirror image of the surrounding space. The bent forms are carefully crafted to achieve multiple light refractions. The translucent parts are largely made of opaque acrylic glass that diffuses light evenly in the surrounding space, and the vertical glass bars arranged at rhythmical intervals focus the light emanating from the light source to create bright spots of light. All lamps are equipped with standard E27 or E14 sockets and can be fitted with the latest lightbulb models, including dimmable incandescent, halogen, and LED lamps.

Clear forms, mirror reflections, a bright and even light: the unique lighting qualities of chandeliers and candelabra have been translated to fit modern needs. Wall lights, ceiling lights, hanging lamps, and standing lamps: the right illumination for every room.

StresemannSerie Skizze