000 Prepon Produkte

Our new product line  – PREPON – derives its name from the ancient Greek word for “decorous” or “appropriate”. Proportion and propriety manifest themselves in a sense of balance and order. If these concepts have gone out of fashion, then they certainly deserve a renaissance. Form must be appropriate to space, an aspiration which can ensure timeless, sustainable design.

Contemporary architecture must strive for solid craftsmanship, reliable materials, and a classic presentation if it is to achieve durability. We must not allow the scourge of consumerism to invade the built environment as well.

The principles defining such buildings need to be reflected in their furniture and lighting, too. In our work as architects, we have found that the market rarely supplies the timeless products befitting our projects – and therefore decided to design and produce our own line of lights.


Lamps series "Stresemann"